Quality Factors


Nature’s Blessings

The combination of beneficial natural barriers and a benevolent Pacific Ocean Climate climate make sustainability and organics a logical choice in Hoi An herbs growing. In fact, Tra Que has some of the largest organic garden in the Quang Nam province. And with a geography as diverse as Hoi An’s, you can be sure that the climate will have terrific variation.

The Influence of the Pacific Currents on Tra Que’s Climate

PlantingTra Que’s climate is highly influenced by the cooling effect of the Pacific Ocean. When the effect of the cold current hits coastline it produces clouds and fog, but little or no precipitation, which then contributes to making the soil getting driest!

The cool sea air is enhancing all the herbs and Vegs, although it finds its way inland by following the course of the transversal rivers.

During the day, sea breezes carried by the cold Current penetrate inland, and each night, cold air descends from the coast line- covered the whole garden.

Ideal Pacific Ocean Climate

Tra Que’s Pacific Ocean climate features the warm, dry summers and cold, rainy winters that herbs love. Even better, the interaction between the effects of the sea and those of the rivers such result in a growing season that revels in bright sunny days and temperatures that take a dramatic dip each night to create the broad daily temperature oscillation that herbs and vegs need to develop fresh fruit flavors, crisp acidity, and in the case of healthy herbs, vegs, aroma, deep color, and high levels of antioxidants and vitamins

Cool Day Long on the Coast

Anyone who’s ever Climatehad a dip in the Pacific Ocean knows that it is cold! And when it smacks up against the c oast it makes its presence known. It blankets the land with a thick cool fog each morning and then blows it away again by noon to allow the bright sunshine… just the type of conditions those cool-climate herbs and vegs such as Lemon Basil, Mints, Fish Mint, Garlic Chives, and lectures. Corianders thrive on. Whichever direction you look, Tra Que’s highly diverse geography and beneficial climate makes Tra Que the Logical Choice in Herbs and Vegetables for today’s consumers who demand high quality and ecologically sound practices.

Soil & Terroir

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With so much geographic typical, the Tra Que soil have a quite different types of soil to compare with others villages. It has got three layers on top to underneath. Soils are healthy, well-drained, and have a variety of origins (alluvial sand, fluvial, etc.) and textures (loam, clay, sand, silt). Despite the relatively dry atmospheric conditions, abundant water for irrigation flows from the water underground connected to rivers. The water we use to watering the herbs and Vegs is freshen and drinkable.

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